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Agnieszka Gotowała

CULTURE OF MOBILITY: residency / Averøy [NO]
discipline: photography / performing art
residency city: Averøy

Agnieszka Gotowała – a multidisciplinary artist, who was born and currently lives in Wrocław. She works in the fields of visual arts and performance. She graduated photography from the University of the Arts Poznań, and earlier physics from the Technical University in Wrocław. She presents and publishes her works in Poland and abroad.

In her works and activities, she concentrates on the relation between what is covered and uncovered as well as on the interdependence. She’s interested in primitive states of human and nature, and a memory and identity they contain. A possibility to research and collect experiences in these fields as well as to discover a dependency between illusion and reality are of key importance to her.

A residency at the Long Island Artist Residency in Averøy, Norway, first of all is for Gotowała an opportunity to directly experience, experiment and be in the face of nature, in special places, which stand out because of their unique environment. She’s interested in searching and researching a space and relations, which make traces of human, nature and matter vibrate together. It gives her a possibility to develop her artistic practice, where she brings up subjects connected with a special relation between man and nature, experimenting at the same time in the border areas between photography and visual arts.

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