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Ainara LeGardon

Basque Country
(Polski) Desire as cement
born: 1976
discipline: music / improvisation
residency city: Wrocław

An artist coming from Bilbao where she has been working for twenty years, achieving the status of one of the most important representatives of Spanish alternative music. She is known for her improvised performances during which she only uses her own voice, body and carefully selected items that turn into instruments in her hands. LeGardon is also a member of the Orquesta FOCO – the oldest European improvising orchestra established in 1996. During her residency in Wrocław, the artist was exploring the artistic processing of the city audio sphere: she selected characteristic objects  and registered the sounds associated with them. Moreover in her search for the similarities between San Sebastian and Wrocław, LeGardon established a dialogue with Wrocław residents. The result of this action was an improvised musical performance presented by the artist during the Open Lab of Basque Culture BASK 2015.