PL Kontakt
discipline: new media / multimedia / video / movie
residency city: Wrocław

Andrey Ustinov is an artist born in Luga, former USSR, in 2003 he graduated from Young Artists School at the ProArte Foundation in St. Petersburg and then moved to Germany. In 2008-2011 he has been a student of the Academy of Media Arts Cologne. He is a participant of the Goethe@WRO residency program.

Ustinov’s manifesto called Secondary Art” is not inventive, it’s just a repetition of all the things artists do: performances, sculptures, short films, drawings, photographs, video installations and site-specific projects. His artworks only exist when they are seen by the viewers, who interact with them. His ironic attitude usually draws people’s attention, and the specific public places he chooses for his performances make them conspicuous and successful. According to his manifesto about Secondary Art is art that goes unnoticed at first sight. More specifically, it’s a means of observing the process of its perceiving. To make the perception visible and/or hearable, he assembles constructions of images and sounds out of context-specific components. These constructions become technical extensions of the natural senses.

Andrey Ustinov’s FILM NOIR is a site-specific residency project in public space. The artist intends to offer an alternative experience for local community and for the city’s visitors; is interested in city as a public resource and as a backdrop for his own distopian politycal projection. FILM NOIR should be implemented in a derelict area of open-air, cinema geocaching and noise-concert based on artist’s personal expirience with the surroundings.