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Beata Rojek

CULTURE OF MOBILITY: study visit / Košice [SK]
born: 1985
discipline: painting / visual arts / street art
residency city: Košice

Beata Rojek – graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław. Visual artist. She works mainly as painter, draughtsman and animator, but also creates large-format paintings and installations.

Her study visit in Košice, Slovakia, is going to take place in August 2017. During her stay, the artist plans to meet a curator of the Šopa Gallery – Petra Housková, and to begin working on her individual exhibition. The exhibition’s main point, in a way deforming the gallery’s space, is an installation, which will be created out of paintings and objects based on feeling and generating certain tensions. The artist, relating to her own experiences also from the fields of street art and site specific installations, will work on using fully a potential, which the gallery has. Recognizing the space’s architecture as well as feelings connected with, will become an important starting point in building an artistic narration.

For the purposes of the exhibition Rojek works on a new series of paintings, following an abstract trend and continuing her research on a possibility of feeling the forms purely. This time, however, she will broaden her narration not only on canvas, but in the whole space of the Šopa Gallery.

Beata Rojek has already been a resident of AIR Wro. In 2016 she worked for two months at the Centre for Contemporary Art HALLE 14 in Leipzig, Germany. [HERE]

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