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Claudia Schouten

Engaged Autonomy
born: 1976
discipline: urban art
residency city: Wrocław

Claudia Schouten is a curator, organizer, the general director and co-founder of an artist collective Locatie Spatie and the founder of the artist-in-residence center and project space Motel Spatie, based in a neglected residential area in the outskirts of Arnhem, the Netherlands.

For Spatie it is important to work beyond the praxis ingrained into many cultural institutions, often limited to the centres of cities, the safety of walls, a particular social context, and a particular vocabulary.

With Motel Spatie artist-in-residence program, Claudia Schouten shapes her concept of “Engaged Autonomy” by linking artists to a particular physical and / or social context and supporting them in the development of new work.

“Engaged Autonomy” is a concept of self-awareness about the contemporary context. It describes a responsibility to stand for one’s own actions but to invite the context to affect them.

The exchanges, which occur in the form of knowledge or content, serve as questions that disturb the prevailing consensus about either the creator, or the context. While the concept of “Engaged Autonomy” (developed in Wrocław together with Erik Tlaseca from Mexico) can apply to many aspects of society, Claudia Schouten specifically produces contemporary art projects in diverse backgrounds for the purpose of raising these questions in cities around the world.