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Ewa Głowacka

THINK URBAN: Motel Spatie
discipline: urban art
residency city: Arnhem

The aim of the residency, which at Motel Spatie Ewa Głowacka – graphic designer based in Wrocław – realised together with the participant of the other AIR Wro programme “Culture of Mobility” – Alicja Grabarczyk, was to create the fourth issue of the zine “Module”. Its previous issues were published by the collective Moduł Kru in past years, and as the residents say, it is an important evidence of what was happening in Wrocław both on the personal and socio-political levels. In a sense “Module” presents the situation of people participating in its creation, which is unstable and functions in different contexts.

The fourth issue of the “Module” was entitled “Zingen in de Kring”. The residents took this phrase from the cover of an album, which they found at the second-hand shop in Arnhem. The subject of a joint singing as well as somnambular dance, and loosing yourself in it, turned out to be an extremely capacious metaphor for them, and it also became a leitmotif of their activities.

A very important aspect of their work on the zine was also a technique itself. Workshops of risograph printing in Arnhem and Nijmegen, where parts of the publication were printed, function on the self-organising assumptions, which are significant for the residents, and their activities are based on the network of contacts created from the bottom up.

A specific nature of the place, where the residents worked, played a significant role in realising the project as well. Locatie Spatie, which is a socio-cultural centre located in the previous public library at the modernistic shopping mall Presikhaaf, is not only a place, where artists work, but it’s also a library of zines – Zinedepo. Each week there are held, for instance, dinners prepared by the collective Spoon (social kitchen), and each month artists and residents organise workshops for children.

The residents were then intent on spending the month in Arnhem both on working on the publication and on integrating with the local community. That is also why they offered several events, which at the same time were a pretext to meet and work together. The first one was the “Collage Party vol. II” (its first edition was held at the Gallery U in Wrocław), and within its framework the residents together with the inhabitants of Arnhem created a large-format collage. In a similar way, as part of the educational programme “Kunsmake”, there was also a workshop for children from the housing estate Presikhaaf organised. Another event, which was planned as an element of the residency, was a Polish edition of the social kitchen.

A presentation of the residency and work done within its framework by Głowacka and Grabarczyk, which is the fourth issue of the zine “Module”, is going to be held at Motel Spatie on 7th of December 2017 as part of the cycle “NomNomNom”.