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Ewa Głowacka

THINK URBAN: Parallel Structure
discipline: urban art
residency city: Wrocław

Ewa Głowacka is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, University of Wrocław and Universidad del Pais Vasco in Bilbao, and in her everyday practice she is active in graphic design. During her residency in Pilsen in 2016, she established contact with representatives of informal groups active on the borders of cultural sector and working partially next to or in opposition to big institutions. An effect of her two months research and work was individually designed zine the “Parallel Structure”, based on data, information and interviews collected and analysed by the artist. The interviews presented in the zine show Pilsen as a city, where grassroot movements functioned in microscale, and beneficiaries of financial sources designated for culture were big institutions, which realised programmes based on art and culture defined in a traditional way. The alternative scene of Pilsen – although incomperably smaller than in Prague – developed individually, however used somehow the energy of the European Capital of Culture (Pilsen held the title in 2015), which influenced the growth of small, independent initiatives by giving them an infrastructural and financial support as well as by beginning an open debate on culture and processes of its management.

Already in 2016 Głowacka decided to continue her research in Wrocław, where a subject of the European Capital of Culture as well as a role of independent scene in its programme were still discussed among people active in art and culture. On the basis of series of interviews with activists and creators of local cultural life, which were conducted also after 2016, Głowacka managed to present a relation between the city’s authorities and representatives of the alternative environment – mediations, examples of dialogue and cooperation, critical opinions and conflicts. The completed zine is going to be presented within the framework of the conference “City and Culture”, which will be held in Wrocław from 20th to 22nd of September 2017.

# Cargo Collective: Ewa Głowacka