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Jarosław Futimski

About Individual Practice. About Patterns
Jarosław Futimski
born: 1987
discipline: multimedia
residency city: Wrocław

He is mostly dealing with graphics, installations and performative actions. He defines his works as “sentimental” because he uses everyday objects which – since they carry around personal stories – are of special meaning to him. Futymskyi takes them out of the context they usually function in and puts them in the neutral space of gallery. Consequently, he is able to “illustrate the poetry they contain.” In Wrocław he worked on the project “About Individual Practice. About Patterns” – an artistic book constituting a collection of photographs, texts and illustrations made during the residency. The book was presented at the Brzuch Centre of Vision Digestion. He also took part in the project “Between” organised by the Contemporary Museum of Wrocław, the Open Studio of Art Mediation Faculty (Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław) and the Art Documentation Centre.