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Karla Tobar

Basque Country, Quito
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born: 1981
discipline: new media / urban art
residency city: Wrocław

Karla Tobar is an artist and researcher at the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU). She has published scientific articles, lectured at international conferences and participated in several exhibitions at museums and art centres in Europe and the Americas. Her work explores the influence of planned technological obsolescence in art and its possibility as a starting point for artistic production. Humans and machines connected by mistake to bring about other ways to develop aesthetic processes.

During the residency in Wrocław, the artist will extend a project that began last year in Bilbao. The aim is to generate an artistic action that presents an alternative view on public space and architecture in different destinations around the world. The project to be carried out in Wrocław will revolve around an urban component: the bridge. First, the artist will research historical events and structural changes to these urban components. After that, a performance-action will be carried out together with a local artist. Both artists will walk around the city with a DIY scanning device. Using the material gathered, the artist will design two works to create an installation piece: a documentary video of the action in Bilbao and Wrocław, and two large works printed and painted on plastic, featuring scanned images of both cities.

The works are going to be presented within the framework of the international conference “City and Culture” in Wrocław from 20th to 22nd September 2017.