PL Kontakt

Keith Rowe

Great Britain
born: 1940
discipline: music / improvisation
residency city: Sokołowsko

A classic of improvised electroacoustic music (EAI), a tabletop guitarist and co-founder of the famous ensemble AMM. In Lower Silesia the musician participated in – organised together with the In Situ Contemporary Art Foundation – residency in the Sokołowsko Laboratory of Culture. In collaboration with a Wrocław artist Gerard Lebik, Rowe was studying the relationship between the sound and image, which is of interest to him since the late 60s. For several decades the artist has repeatedly experimented with rendering visual phenomena to sound. His fascination with Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko, on the other hand, resulted in his legendary albums and numerous performances. First Rowe and Lebik recorded joint improvisations, and then chose a few minutes long passage, creating a musical notation which would be the starting point for the further work in 2016. Various visual artists were invited to create visual interpretations (specific scores) of this piece. The scores would enable to play the work using different instrumental configurations.