On Sunday 12th of November, a performance of Peter Orins and Ivann Cruz from Lille and Marcin Witkowski and Mateusz Rybicki from Wrocław will be held in Proza in Wrocław. During the concert, four musicians will present effects of their collaboration, which took place in Wrocław as part of their residency, which was a joint initiative of Avant Art foundation, Muzzix and Wrocław 2016 Office within the framework of Artist In Residence Programme AIR Wro, with the support of Institut Français and the City of Lille. At the same time, the performance will be a continuation of the project “Lille meets Wrocław” from 2016. There is also one more continuation planned, this time in Lille in December this year. And all of these music meetings are part of the preparations for recording an album of this Polish-French quartet in 2018.

In 2016 within the framework of the project’s first edition, there were already Ivann Cruz and Marcin Witkowski working in Wrocław. They were accompanied by a German musician – Philip Zoubek. Their concert in our city was a finale of their joint residency, which dedicated to the musical mapping of the cities took place in each of them: in Lille, where they were hosted by La Malterie – experimental arts centre, in Cologne, where they played during the international festival Jazz am Rhein, and finally in Wrocław within the framework of the festival organised by the Avant Art Foundation “Lille meets Wrocław”.




PETER ORINS – drummer, one of the founders of the French collective Muzzix. He’s part of several projects of the collective, from jazz to free music, experimental or contemporary music. He can be heard with the quartet Kaze (Satoko Fujii, Natsuki Tamura, Christian Pruvost) or the trio Toc (Jérémie Ternoy, Ivann Cruz).

IVANN CRUZ – specializes in jazz and improvise music. He puts a lot of efforts into doing performance, composition and experimentation in solo or through ensembles as electric as numerous: La Pieuvre, le Grand orchestre de Muzzix, Circum Grand Orchestra, One DPI, Feldspath, l’OGR, TOC, TOCC Beat Club, Garbowski/Cruz Quartet, Cruz/Zoubek/Witkowski trio, Gaw !…

MARCIN WITKOWSKI – drummer, composer, creator and explorer of new means of expression within the electro-acoustic of percussion instruments. We works with the Theatre Biuro Podróży. He’s a co-founder of the ensembles: Jiva, Progrram, Room on Moon, Spoken Words, Las Rzeczy, Kormorany – Wykluczeni.

MATEUSZ RYBICKI – improviser playing clarinet, bass clarinet and tenor saxophone. He’s inspired by both African-American free jazz, European improvised music and contemporary, baroque, minimal, ethnic and traditional music. He worked with such musicians as Axel Doerner, Tristan Honsinger, Antonio Borghini, Adam Pultz Melbye, Harri Sjorstrom, Noid, Matija Schelander, Mark Tokar, Emilio Gordoa, Piotr Damasiewicz, Gerard Lebik, Mikołaj Trzaska, Wacław Zimpel, Paweł Szpura, Dominik Wania, Maciej Obara, Irad Mezliah.