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Maialen Sarasua

Basque Country
Wrocław – San Sebastian. Zubirik Zubi
born: 1983
discipline: movie
residency city: Wrocław

A film director and the author of film documentaries. Inspired by the poem “People on the Bridge” by Wisława Szymborska, she decided to treat the bridges of Wrocław and San Sebastian as the main characters of her film collage. In her work she focused on the landscape surrounding the bridges – hung between two points and connected by a continuous motion. She invited some prominent people to the project, including the members of the Soundscape Research Laboratory of the Institute of Cultural Studies of the University of Wroclaw and Joanna Skowrońska from the Tradition Guards Laboratory of Wrocław. In her project, the bridges have become a symbolic link between Wrocław and San Sebastian.