We invite you to participate in workshops devoted to the topic of women’s status in the XXI century. During the residency of Moira Agius, a multimedia artist from Valletta, we wish to reflect together on the influence of religion on the functioning of women, the role of women activists in shaping social relationships, and, above all, to initiate a narrative about the transformations in the society that women can start. To participate in the workshop, we invite adult social activists, leaders of the religious movements in the Four Denominations District, representatives of the arts and culture sector, educators and animators, grass-root activists. We encourage both women and men to participate in the project.
You can submit your application, consisting of CV or portfolio, via e-mail address: agnieszka.marcinowska@wroclaw2016.pl until 6th of October. Both documents should be prepared in English.
Moira Agius is a multimedia artist, an Art and History educator and a Fine Art lecturer at the MCAST Institute for the Creative Arts, Malta. She obtained a Bachelor’s Degree (Hons) from the Faculty of Education at the University of Malta and a Masters degree in Fine Arts at the University of Kent, England (2015). In Wrocław, the artist will explore the subject of women’s status in the context of various religions. Agius want to work with local activist women in order to engage them in discussions and workshops about further improvements regarding women rights and especially to debate about whether the discoursing of the four denominations is actually empowering women not just in their theoretical forum but also in practice. The multimedia work produced by Moira Agius explores ways in which individuals can transgress boundaries, especially those imposed by society in order to limit our sense of freedom. Across a number of fields of knowledge, from genetics to political rhetoric, the purpose of the work is to investigate processes of transformation that are restricted by culture’s laws, doctrines and taboos.
WHEN: 13.10, 16:00-18:00
WHERE: Wrocław 2016 Office, sala warsztatowa na piętrze 1, Ruska 46b, Wrocław
PLEASE NOTICE: Workshops will be conducted in English.
CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS: 25.09-6.10.2017 r.