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Przemysław Matejko and Łukasz Palkiewicz

born: Przemysław Matejko 1987 / Łukasz Palkiewicz 1990
discipline: music / video
residency city: Świdnica

“Midnight” – the result of their cooperation is a footage prepared by Przemysław Matejko and an audio recording created by Szatt. The title refers to the state of suspension between dream and reality in which a major role is played by addictions and other dangers. In the video actors from Świdnica took part.

Przemysław Matejko – a cameraman, an editor, a cinema and TV production manager. He cooperates with many TV projects and was involved in the creation of “Suicide Room” by Jan Komasa and “80 Million” by Waldemar Krzystek.

Łukasz Palkiewicz (Szatt) – a music producer, a member of the duet Nocne Nagrania (Szatt/Nowok). He is a co-founder of the collective “Zaburzenia” and the Polish beatmaker champion of 2013 in the category Live Act.