The subject of this discussion will be sound art understood as an adventure in discovering new points of view, interpretations and possibilities of being active in the sound world. As an attempt of grasping the phenomenon of changing the perspective of hearing. An experiment and challenge, a gesture and ear-straining for its echo. We will give consideration to both the manifold definitions of this modern art movement and the possible forms and directions of its development.

Ryoko Akama, Alfredo Costa Monteiro, Noid and Klaus Filip are the artists who, together with their sound works created during their study visits in Sokołowsko, will be presented in the discussion. Meeting will be moderated by Daniel Brożek.

For the third time cooperation between Wrocław 2016 Office and the Contemporary Art Foundation In Situ resulted in inviting international artists to Sokołowsko. A-i-R Sanatorium of Sound Sokołowsko is a residency programme for composers, improvisers and sound artists, and it was launched in March 2016. Artists present their works, installations and compositions during Sanatorium of Sound Festival in Sokołowsko.

Sanatorium of Sound [link]

Last year the cooperation between the Contemporary Art Foundation In Situ and Artist In Residence Programme AIR Wro resulted in inviting eight artists working in the field of sound art, new media and performance (e.g. Martin Howse, Keith Rowe, Mario de Vega and Alessandro Bosetti).

16th August, Barbara, Świdnicka 8B, Wrocław