We are very happy to announce that as a result of our call this is Martyna Komorowska, who will go for a residency in Malta, organised together with the Foundation Valletta 2018.

Komorowska is a young architect, mainly interested in people and architecture dedicated to the community. Her residency in Malta will be closed during the second edition of the international workshop “DESIGN4THECITY”, which is planned in Birżebbuġa for October this year. “DESIGN4THECITY” is a project realised within the framework of “Valletta Design Cluster”, which at the same time is one of the main programmes of the European Capital of Culture Valletta 2018. The project, combined with the “Urban Action” from Berlin, will gather an international working group, consisting of practitioners and theorists interested in the public space.


We also know the results of the call for a residency in Wrocław, which was open for representatives of artistic and cultural environments from Valletta – European Capital of Culture in 2018. Among numerous applicants, it is Moira Agius, who was selected. Congratulations!

Agius is a multimedia artist and at the same time a lecturer at the MCAST Institute for the Creative Arts in Malta. In Wrocław she found interesting a space of the Four Denominations District, which will become an area of her research. Agius dedicates her project to women and precisely wishes to focus on a status of woman in the context of religion and society. In her work she explores ways, in which individuals can transgress boundaries, especially those imposed by society in order to limit our sense of freedom – the purpose of the work is to investigate processes of transformation that are restricted by culture’s laws, doctrines and taboos.