PL Kontakt

Tomas Makara

The Fog
born: 1982
discipline: visual arts / video
residency city: Wrocław

A visual artist from Kosice specializing in the field of spatial and video art. In his works he raises the issues of totalitarian ideology, social perceptions of art and the condition of artists in the contemporary world. During his residency in Wrocław he got to know local artists, analyzing not only their work but also their lifestyles. The effects of his work were presented in the form of video installations and photographic exhibition “Mgła” [“The Fog”] at the Brzuch Centre of Vision Digestion. It is the first chapter of the research project in which Makara decomposes contemporary art into prime factors, analyzing the personal choices of artists, the impact of their profession on everyday life and social roles as well as the relationship between art and the business world.