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Olaf Brzeski

Olaf Brzeski
born: 1975
discipline: sculpture / visual arts
residency city: Berlin

The author of sculptures, installations and videos. He captures his surreal visions on film or converts them into spatial projects, providing them with comments which constitute not only the interpretation of his works but separate fantastic stories behind his art. In this way Brzeski creates new worlds and brings to life their unusual inhabitants. During his residency at Künstlerhaus Bethanien, the artist worked on the exhibition “Vorraum/Vestibule.” A special installation made of perishable materials – such as cardboard and papier-mâché – was created. It was inspired by the theme of unrealized visions and plans. The exhibition was divided into two parts: the first one consisted of masks created by the artist and his five-year son; the second presented an enormous model of the shadow. By his work Brzeski tried to capture the flexibility of the identity, the search for individualism and suspension between what is real and what is potentially possible.

The opening of the exhibition “Vorraum/Vestibule,” combined with the presentation of the artist’s residency, took place on December 4, 2015 at the Polish Institute in Berlin.