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Wolf Kampmann

(Polski) Ulica Szewska
Wolf Kampmann
born: 1962
discipline: literature
residency city: Wrocław

A writer, music journalist and university lecturer. An author of the novel “Gustav.” During his stay in Wrocław he was working on a book “Ulica Szewska” [“Szewska Street”] which describes the turbulent period after the First World War in Breslau. His story of two brothers returning at the end of the Great War to their hometown has become a pretext to portray the colorful, and still poorly explored,  interwar period in Wrocław. As he puts it, “Wrocław insisted on me to write this novel. Every wall, window and stone reminded me of the forgotten stories hidden inside. It was an interesting experience to immerse in the last century, at the same time watching the contemporary Wrocław: full of changes and energy, where discussions about the past are being taken up.”